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Certified Pre-Owned Program


For a period of 72 months from the vehicle in-service date or up to 100,000 miles on the odometer,
whichever occurs first, Nissan North America, Inc. (Nissan), the distributor of Infiniti vehicles in
the United States (excluding the U.S. Territories), warrants to the purchaser of this Infiniti vehicle
in accordance with and subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions listed below, that Nissan
will repair or replace all covered parts on your vehicle when such repair or replacement is due to a
“Mechanical Breakdown” which occurs in the United States (excluding the U.S. Territories) when
all other terms and conditions of this Warranty are met.

For the purpose of thisWarranty, “miles of operation” means the actual number of miles indicated
on the vehicle’s odometer, unless the odometer is/has been broken or replaced. In such a
situation, Nissan will calculate the total actual number of miles of vehicle operation based on the
information available. If ever the odometer is tampered with, and/or is inoperative so that the
vehicle’s total actual number of miles of operation since manufacture cannot be accurately
determined by Nissan, this Limited Warranty will be void.

For the purpose of this Warranty, MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN is defined as the inability of a covered
part(s) to perform the function(s) for which it was designed, due solely to defects in materials or
faulty workmanship. MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN does not include damage due to negligence,
damage caused by an accident, damage to otherwise covered parts due to failure of non-covered
parts, or gradual reduction in operating performance due to wear and tear.

Except for those items listed below under the caption, What Is Not Covered,” this limited warranty
extends the basic coverage of the Infiniti New Vehicle Limited Warranty to 72 months from the
vehicle’s in-service date or 100,000 miles on the odometer, whichever occurs first.

Other than as described herein, all terms, conditions, and exclusions of the Infiniti New Vehicle
Limited Warranty apply to this limited warranty. In addition, subject to the items under the caption
“What Is Not Covered,” this limited warranty covers any repairs needed due to MECHANICAL
BREAKDOWN as described above, for components of this Infiniti vehicle which were supplied by
Nissan in the following categories:

ENGINE: Cylinder heads and block and all internal parts, rocker covers and oil pan, valve train and
front cover, timing chain and tensioner, oil pump, water pump and fuel pump, fuel injectors, intake
and exhaust manifolds, flywheel, seals and gaskets.

TRANSMISSION AND TRANSAXLE: Case and all internal parts, torque converter and converter
housing, automatic transmission control module, transfer case and all internal parts, seals and
gaskets, clutch cover and housing, and electronic transmission controls.

DRIVETRAIN: Drive shafts, final drive housing and all internal parts, propeller shafts, universal
joints, bearings, seals and gaskets.

RESTRAINT SYSTEM: Air bags and related electronic control systems.

DEDUCTIBLE: Repairs covered under this Warranty are subject to a deductible of $50 per visit.
REPLACEMENT PARTS: Replacement of any part will be made with a new or remanufactured
replacement part manufactured by or for Nissan for use on Infiniti vehicles. If a part is not available
from Nissan, Nissan may authorize an outside source or a like kind and quality part to be used in
the repair.


1. Any component of an electrically powered vehicle, i.e., any vehicle whose propulsion is
provided by an electric motor and/or power source, is not eligible for and is not covered by
this Warranty.

2. Paint, exhaust system, carpet, glass, upholstery, soft trim, weatherstripping, convertible
soft top, moldings, bright metal, fabric and liner, clutch disc, pressure plate and throw out
bearing (manual transmission), audio system components, battery and cables, lenses and
bulbs, belts and hoses, tires, brake drums, disc brake rotors, wheels, shock absorber(s),
strut inserts, squeaks, rattles, water leaks, wind noise, constant velocity boots,
immobilizer key, remote keyless entry switch assembly, mobile entertainment systems,
navigational system components, and any and all in- vehicle communication systems.

3. Maintenance service expenses specified in your Owner’sManual such as but not limited to:
engine tune-up, wheel balance and alignment, spark plug and wire replacement or
adjustment, timing belt replacement, fluid and lubricant replacement or replenishment,
wiper blade replacement, headlight aiming, filter replacement, brake pad and shoe
replacement, air conditioning refrigerant replacement or replenishment.

4. Any repairs related to loss of performance caused by normal wear and tear unless an actual

5. Any failure due to damage resulting from accident, fire, theft, flood, water damage
(including water ingestion), freezing, alteration or modification, improper repair, improper
installation of any Nissan/Infiniti approved accessory.

6. Any failure resulting from: lack of scheduled maintenance as specified in your vehicle
Owner’s Manual; misuse (proper use is outlined in your Owner’s Manual); use of improper
or contaminated fuels, fluids or lubricants; failure to maintain proper fluid, coolant or
lubricant levels; use of inferior or modified parts; modification of the vehicle from the
original factory specifications, including installation of non-Nissan approved accessories
or components; negligent operation of a vehicle with failed components; pulling a trailer
or other vehicle that exceeds Infiniti’s recommendations or maximum Gross Vehicle
Weight (GVW) of the vehicle; corrosion or any damage or failure due to rust or corrosion
regardless of cause; salt in any form or of any composition whatsoever (including, but not
limited to road salt, salt water, and/or salt or salt water in the air), environmental damage
to include but not be limited to anything whatsoever external (not part of) the vehicle
whether in water, air, ground, dirt or dust, chemicals, and vandalism, riot, explosion,
natural disaster, terrorism, or acts of God, any damage or failure due to or caused by racing
or other competition; service adjustments not usually associated with the replacement of
parts; any vehicle with an inoperative or altered speedometer so that the actual mileage
of the vehicle cannot be determined; any vehicle used for commercial use (such as taxi,
limousine, rental, etc.); any expense that is covered by your New Vehicle Warranties, parts
warranties or other Agreements; any repair or replacement that has not been authorized by
Nissan or in which the information provided to Nissan cannot be verified or is found to be

7. This Limited Warranty does not apply to any vehicle and is rendered void if the vehicle has
ever been issued a “salvage” or similar title under any State’s law; or has ever been
deemed a “total loss” or equivalent by any insurance company, such as by cash payment
of a claim in lieu of repairs because of a determination that the cost of repairs exceeds the
actual cash value of the vehicle.


Any implied Warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose shall be limited to the
duration of this written Warranty.

Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or
limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations or exclusions may not
apply to you. ThisWarranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which
vary from state to state.

Nissan does not authorize any person to create for it any other Warranty, obligation or liability in
conjunction with this vehicle.

This Warranty is not transferable and is void whenever ownership or lessee of the vehicle changes
after coverage under this warranty commences.

To obtain Warranty service you must take the vehicle to an authorized Infiniti dealer in the UNITED
STATES (excluding the U.S. Territories) during regular business hours at your expense, except as
otherwise approved by Infiniti. (See the local telephone directory for names and addresses of
authorized Infiniti dealers.) You may be required to provide PROOF OF MAINTENANCE to the
repairing dealer as outlined in the vehicle’s Infiniti Service and Maintenance Guide or Owner’s

You are responsible for properly using, maintaining and caring for your vehicle as outlined in your
vehicle’s Infiniti Service and Maintenance Guide or Owner’s Manual. Evidence of the performance
of the required maintenance should be kept and may need to be presented as proof of such
maintenance in connection with related repairs covered by this Limited Warranty. To assist you in
maintaining appropriate records, the Infiniti Maintenance Log can be used along with supporting
repair invoices, receipts and other such records. Failure to provide such evidence and/or failure to
maintain the vehicle in accordance with the Infiniti Service and Maintenance Guide or Owner’s
Manual may disqualify the vehicle from coverage. For additional important information, please see
the back page of this Pre-Owned Vehicle Limited Warranty Booklet.

Not provided by this warranty, but as part of Infiniti’s Total Ownership Experience, you may be
provided with a complimentary Infiniti Service Loan Car from a participating Infiniti retailer through
the Infiniti Total Ownership Experience, subject to availability and eligibility requirements of that
program (including that the driver must be 21 years of age or older with a valid U.S. driver’s license
and must have proof of primary insurance).

If you require alternate transportation during the repair, and only in the event a Service Loan Car is
not available under Infiniti’s Total Ownership Experience from the repairing Infiniti dealer, this
Warranty will provide reimbursement for the actual expenses of substitute transportation up to $50
per day, to a maximum of five (5) days and $250 per service visit. Rental must be made from an
authorized commercial rental agency or an Infiniti dealer. Substitute transportation is based on the
Infiniti Flat Rate time required to repair the vehicle as follows:

Repair time required Days allowed Maximum reimbursement
0.1- 8.0 hours 2 $100
8.1 - 16.0 hours 3 $150
16.1 - 24 hours 4 $200
24+ hours 5 $250

Separate and apart from the Certified Pre-owned Vehicle Limited Warranty, Infiniti is providing you
with a Roadside Assistance Package for the Infiniti vehicle identified on the facing page for a period
up to 72 months from the in-service date or 100,000 miles on the vehicle’s odometer, whichever
is earlier. Included in the Roadside Assistance Package are the following:

Upon receiving your call, a qualified representative will assess your needs and dispatch assistance for
battery boost (jump start); flat tire change (using your spare); delivery of gas ($5.00 maximum);
and/or lock-out assistance, up to a maximum of $100.00.


If your vehicle is disabled due to a MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN, the Roadside Assistance
Representative will arrange for your vehicle to be towed to the nearest Infiniti dealership (up to 250
miles). If over 250 miles the vehicle may be towed to an authorized repair facility. This coverage
provides for flat bed towing and may not exceed $100.00 per claim.


Emergency travel/trip interruption coverage is provided should a MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN occur
when you are 100 miles or more away from home. Upon approval by a Roadside Assistance
Representative, coverage of the following expenses will apply: alternate transportation, meals and
lodging. Arrangements must be made by the Roadside Assistance Representative and may not exceed


(800) 662-6200
*Services provided through Cross Country Motor Club, Inc., Medford, MA 02155, except in Alaska,
California, Hawaii, Oregon, Wisconsin and Wyoming, where services are provided through Cross
Country Motor Club of California, Inc., Medford, MA 02155.


Both INFINITI and your INFINITI dealer are dedicated to serving all your automotive needs. Your
complete satisfaction is our primary concern. Your INFINITI dealer is available to assist you with all
your automobile sales, parts and service requirements.
If a situation arises that you believe has not been addressed to your satisfaction, we ask that you
take the following steps:

Discuss the situation with the dealership management. If a problem still exists, contact the
dealership’s owner. Your INFINITI dealership is best equipped to resolve the matter for you.

If the concern has still not been addressed to your satisfaction, please contact our INFINITI
Consumer Affairs Department using our toll free number:
The Consumer Affairs Department will ask for the following information:
• Your name, address, and telephone number
• Vehicle identification number (on dashboard)
• Date of purchase
• Current odometer reading
• Your INFINITI dealership’s name
• Details of the concern Or you can write to INFINITI with the above information at:


Nissan North America, Inc.
Consumer Affairs Department
P. O. Box 47038
Gardena, CA 90247-6838

In the event that you believe INFINITI has been unable to satisfactorily address the problem, a
special automotive complaint resolution program called AUTO LINE is available to you. The AUTO
LINE program is independently operated by the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc. (BBB).
For information about the BBB AUTO LINE in your area, please call us (INFINITI) at the same toll free
number (1-800-662-6200). We will be happy to provide you with the address and phone number of
your local BBB office or any other information about AUTO LINE.
You may also contact the BBB at:


Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.
4200 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, Virginia 22203
If you call, the BBB staff will record the details of your complaint by telephone. They will ask for the
same information as in Step 2.

The AUTO LINE program consists of two parts: mediation and arbitration. The AUTO LINE Staff will
attempt to provide suggestions for resolving the problem during mediation. If a satisfactory
resolution has not been achieved during mediation, you will generally have the opportunity to
present your case personally before an impartial person or three person panel. This is the
arbitration part of AUTO LINE. The arbitrator(s) will make a decision after the arbitration hearing.
If you accept the decision, it will be legally binding on you and INFINITI. If you do not accept the
decision, it will not be legally binding on you or INFINITI. However, in some states, if the decision
is not accepted, itmay be introduced either by you or by INFINITI as evidence in a subsequent court
action. The BBB must send you a final decision in your case within forty (40) days (plus 7 if you
have not contacted the proper person from the dealership or INFINITI) unless you delay the

Some states may specify that complaint resolution processes such as AUTO LINE that are
sponsored by the manufacturer or distributor must be used before you may use their stateoperated
complaint resolution process or before you may file a lawsuit. In those states, use of
AUTO LINE is required prior to filing litigation. Use of AUTO LINE is also required prior to filing a
lawsuit under the Federal Magneson-Moss Warranty Act. Other states may have their own stateoperated
complaint resolution processes which may, or may not, require participation before a
lawsuit is filed.

AUTO LINE may not be available in all states, depending on state law. We, INFINITI can provide you
with information about the availability of AUTO LINE in your state.
INFINITI vehicles fewer than four years old from the date of delivery to the first retail buyer or
otherwise put into use, and with fewer than 60,000 miles, are eligible for the AUTO LINE program.
However, check with INFINITI or the BBB concerning your eligibility.

In support of our commitment to the “Total ownership Experience,” INFINITI may occasionally offer
special assistance which will pay for all or part of vehicle repairs beyond the expiration of the
limited warranty period on a case by case basis. Should you experience unusual difficulties with
your vehicle, contact your INFINITI dealer. If your dealer is unable to assist you, call INFINITI
Consumer Affairs Department, toll free at 1-800-662-6200. You will be asked to provide the Vehicle
Identification Number (found on vehicle dash, driver’s side) and the nature of the problem. Your
ownership records, such as the maintenance history of the vehicle, are useful in resolving special


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