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When your car is stolen, what have you lost?  Cars can be replaced, radios can be replaced, wheels can be replaced. 
Our vehicles fill with the things of our life.  Credit card receipts, addresses, phone numbers, organizers, insurance info, soccer schedules, flight itineraries, your car registration and the "KEY" to your home...the garage door opener.   
Today, when a car is stolen, your life is laid bare.  And in that lay the true danger...

We are fortunate here in Charlotte and the surrounding communities, that law enforcement is armed with Lojack.  We install the hidden Lojack transmitter here at the Infiniti of Charlotte Service Center.  When your car is stolen, dial 911.  From that call, a signal is sent out and the hidden Lojack transmitter activates.  Law enforcement assets respond immediately, including fixed and rotary wing aircraft.  On national average, your vehicle is recovered within two hours. 
The Police love this.  They love the recovery, they love winning, and they love the thanks from the very happy owner.  Best of all, the criminals have no time to pry into your private life.  No time to find out where you live, where you work, where your children go to school.
If you do not have Lojack, please contact our Finance office immediately to set up an installation appointment. 704-847-9010 and ask for Rob Cornwell, our business and finance manager.
There is a one time set up charge and nothing more. 





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