Top 10 Reasons to Buy An INFINITI

1. INFINITI Has Some of the Best Designed Luxury Vehicles on the Market

You can see how well designed INFINITIs are compared to our rivals — just look at an INFINITI vs. a Lexus. It will be obvious. However, if you want Top Designers and the organizations they belong to for a second opinion, here’s a relatively comprehensive list that no other luxury car can match.

The list is endless, but here are some of the awards given to our different models:

QX Inspiration
2019 wins EyesOn Design Award for Best Concept Vehicle (USA)
2019 wins EyesOn Design Award for Best Designed Interior (USA)
2019 wins EyesOn Design Award for Innovative Use of Color, Graphics or Materials (USA)
Q Inspiration Concept
2018 iF Design Award (Germany)
Q Inspiration Concept
2018 wins EyesOn Design Award for Best Concept Vehicle (USA)
2018 wins EyesOn Design Award for Best Designed Interior (USA)
2018 iF Design Award (Germany)
iF Design Award 2017 (Germany)
Q30 Production
2016 Car Design Award (Italy)
Q60 Concept
2016 The Chicago Athenaeum, “Good Design Award” (USA)
2015 Concepts category of the Automotive Brand Contest (Germany)
QX30 Concept
2015 Concepts category of the Automotive Brand Contest (Germany)
Q80 Inspiration
2016 iF Design Award (Germany)
2016 The Chicago Athenaeum, “Good Design Award” (USA)
2014 Yahoo! Auto France “the most beautiful car of the Paris Motor Show 2014” (France)

2016 Wards, “10 Best User Experiences award” (USA)
2014 Auto Magazine “Import Premium Car of the Year” (China)
2014 “Top Five Import Cars of the Year” (China)
2014 AJAC’s Best New Luxury Car (Canada)
2013 Best Chinese Premiere at Shanghai Auto Show (China)
2014 Southern Metropolis News “Most Anticipated Premium Sports Sedan” (China)
2014 Phoenix TV “Premium Sedan of the Year” (China)
2014 National Business Daily “2014 Premium Sports Sedan” (China)
2014 “Medium-Size Sedan of the Year” (China)
2012 Concepts category of the Automotive Brand Contest (Germany)
2012 German Design Council Prestigious Design Award (Germany)
2012 EVO magazine Concept Car of The Year (UK)
2012 Best Debut Car(China)
2010 Ward’s “Auto Interior of the Year” Winners (USA)
2012 Ward’s Auto 10 Best Interior Award (USA)
2011 ALG Best Luxury Fullsize Utility (USA)
2011 Shanghai Auto Show Best Concept Car Award 2011 (China)

2. Incredible Performance

While we don’t sell the 2015 INFINITI Formula 1 Red Bull RB11 which has a 0-60 MPH speed of 1.7 seconds, most of the INFINITI line has some of the quickest acceleration of luxury car vehicles in the world. Our Q50 has the ability to go 0-60 MPH in 5.0 seconds which was the standard for some of the top sports cars in the world.

Other 0-60 MPH Times:
Q60 – 4.5 seconds – the INFINITI Q60 Red Sport 400 is 0.6 seconds quicker to 60 than a BMW 340i, 1.5 seconds quicker than a Mercedes-Benz C300, and 5.2 seconds quicker than a Toyota Prius
Q70 – 5.5 seconds

3. Advanced & Exclusive Technologies

The Simmons National Consumer study surveyed INFINITI buyers and found that: INFINITI drivers are more than twice as likely as the average person to have the latest advances in car technology.

INFINITI InTouch™: This state-of-the-art suite of entertainment and information technologies prepares you for every journey. Through integrated navigation, convenience, security and entertainment features in a dash-mounted display, INFINITI InTouch™ makes it easier than ever to control your luxury vehicle’s impressive technologies. Controllable by touch or through voice commands, INFINITI InTouch™ engages and informs you without distracting you from the road ahead.
Intelligent All-Wheel Drive: If you want a luxury vehicle that you can trust to run flawlessly even during New England’s harsh winter months, choose an INFINITI with Intelligent All-Wheel Drive. This technology instantly adapts to changing road conditions, and can automatically divert up to 50% of available power to your vehicle’s front wheels. When you don’t need extra traction, the system reverts power to the rear wheels only, granting you a sporty ride and exciting handling.
INFINITI Safety Shield®: To ensure that you stay safe, the INFINITI Safety Shield® concept monitors the road around you, helps you avoid collisions and protects you and your occupants should one occur. Using technologies like Intelligent Cruise Control and Distance Control Assist, the INFINITI Safety Shield® keeps you safe when the road is clear. Perks like Predictive Forward Collision Warning, Blind Spot Intervention®, Blind Spot Warning® and more detect and help you avoid risks when they appear. Forward Emergency Braking helps to mitigate damage and reduce speed if a collision is unavoidable, while the INFINITI Advanced Air Bag System protects passengers and drivers when collisions occur.
Intelligent Key: Thanks to the INFINITI Intelligent Key technology, you’ll be welcomed to a comfortable and personalized driving experience every time you enter your INFINITI. The Intelligent Key personalizes features like your steering wheel, stereo presets, drive modes, climate settings, side mirrors and more. Plus, this key technology allows you to start the engine without ever removing the key from your pocket.

5. Buying an INFINITI Also Comes With Great Aftermarket Support

INFINITI has sold more than 2.5 million vehicles since its beginnings in 1989. The INFINITI Q50 mid-sized car became the best selling model for the brand in the United States in recent years, while the QX60 INFINITI’s large crossover is INFINITI’s best selling SUV.

When you delve into the realm where warranties don’t dare tread, aftermarket support is a must. Not only for the fact that it’s a way to personalize and update the looks and performance of the car you’ve all but fallen in love with, but it’s also the best way in which you can change the car’s entire purpose. If you want to make changes to the originals, you are obviously completely allowed to, but you have some incredible support in many vendors and communities to do so. It’s a great car to drive “as is,” but can also be customized as well.

6. Buying an INFINITI Can Be Quite Affordable

Even when it is considered a luxury brand, INFINITI’s cost of ownership over 10 years goes as high as an estimated $210 in the first 3 years and up to $705 over the course of 10 years. Compared to the other luxury brands INFINITI is at the bottom of the list, which for once, is a good thing!

Check out our prices by heading over to our INFINITI of Charlotte Vehicle Search page and view some of the great prices. You can also check out some of our New INFINITI specials as well for some incredible lease offers on top of the amazing prices.

Luxury with Value

INFINITI believes that just because a car is a considered a luxury vehicle, doesn’t mean it can’t also be a value. All INFINITI vehicles provide the highest level of comfort and luxury possible without driving the price through the roof, in order to make a luxury brand for the people.

7. Safety Features

We list this as the #7 reason because frankly, you don’t have to be lucky to drive an INFINITI, but you can give yourself “extra luck” by simply driving one.

INFINITI continues to develop new and improved safety features. Starting with the introduction of Intelligent Cruise Control in 2001, INFINITI has made new features available year after year, including Lane Departure Warning, a Blind Spot Intervention System, and Back-up Collision Intervention.

You can ANTICIPATE THE ROAD AHEAD with INFINITI’s PREDICTIVE FORWARD COLLISION WARNING or you can leverage the BLIND SPOT INTERVENTION® SYSTEM or leverage the BACKUP COLLISION INTERVENTION system as well. All features are standard or optional depending on the vehicle. Nevertheless, having the ability to prevent accidents from happening is a boon to safety and to your health.

Also, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) announced that both the INFINITI Q50 and the Q70 equipped with Forward Emergency Braking (FEB) have been named as Top Safety Pick+. The award is the highest honor given out by the vehicle safety organization, putting both models in an elite group of cars. In addition, the INFINITI QX60 was named by the IIHS as a Top Safety Pick.

For a full list of safety features, feel free to give one of our sales professionals a call for both a test drive and all the answers to your questions.

8. INFINITI Ranked No.1 in 2018 J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Index

INFINITI achieved a Customer Satisfaction Index score of 876, a 48-point increase over the industry average and 14 points above the premium segment average.
In every category within the study, INFINITI ranked in the top tier among premium brands.
INFINITI’s largest improvement over 2017 was seen in the Service Advisor category.

INFINITI earned top honors, ranking No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction with Dealer Service among Luxury Brands by J.D. Power 2018 Customer Service Index (CSI) Study. Overall, INFINITI achieved a CSI score of 876 on a 1,000-point scale, 48 points above the industry average and 14 points above the premium segment average.

“We know that time is a valuable currency, which is why our retailers make it a priority to deliver an exceptional experience from the moment customers walk in the door and throughout the entire ownership cycle,” said Randy Parker, vice president, INFINITI Americas. “We want to make the most of every second our owners spend in our store, from the greeting from our service advisors in a welcoming environment—complete with premium amenities—to the moment they drive away with the same level of comfort and optimal performance they enjoyed the first time they drove their INFINITI vehicle.”

9. Fuel Efficiency is a Priority

INFINITIs have been known to show up on the top fuel efficient publications regularly. For instance, Autotrader named the INFINITI QX60 one of the top 7 most fuel efficient luxury cars you didn’t know. For others, here are some of the top fuel efficient INFINITI models:

#5: 2019 INFINITI QX80 Base FWD 4-Dr Sport Utility V8
Average MPG Range 17 MPG
Fuel Economy 14 MPG city / 20 MPG highway
#4: 2019 INFINITI QX60 LUXE AWD 4-Dr Sport Utility V6
Average MPG Range 22 MPG
Fuel Economy 19 MPG city / 26 MPG highway
#3: 2019 INFINITI QX60 pure AWD 4-Dr Sport Utility V6
Average MPG Range 22 MPG
Fuel Economy 19 MPG city / 26 MPG highway
#2: 2019 INFINITI QX60 LUXE FWD 4-Dr Sport Utility V6
Average MPG Range 23 MPG
Fuel Economy 19 MPG city / 26 MPG highway
#1: 2019 INFINITI QX60 pure FWD 4-Dr Sport Utility V6
Average MPG Range 23 MPG
Fuel Economy 19 MPG city / 26 MPG highway

10. A Plethora of Options

The new line of INFINITI models comes with vehicles that are perfect for everyday commuters, growing families, eco-conscious thrill-seekers and every driver in between. Explore our new INFINITI lineup online before you come in to test-drive the models that best suit your needs and desires.
SEDANS: Explore an INFINITI Q50 or Q70 sedan to gain an everyday automotive companion that will have you looking forward to your drives to and from work. The Q70L is available for those who want more space in their sedans without sacrificing style.
COUPES: Opt for the sleek new INFINITI Q60 for a coupe that will let you roar down every road and turn heads on every corner. Armed with incredible performance features, the Q60 will delight you on every drive.
CROSSOVERS: Turn to the new QX30 or QX50 for smaller crossovers that make city driving a breeze while still giving you the space you need for your family and your gear. The larger QX60 crossovers grant you even more power and space.
SUVS: Enjoy unbridled power, impressive cargo capacity and a luxurious interior inside the new QX80. Equip this model with INFINITI All-Wheel Drive and gain the perfect companion for New England.
HYBRIDS: The Q50 and Q70 sedans are available as INFINITI Hybrid models, letting you save at the pump while enjoying all of the modern luxuries that come with driving an INFINITI. Again, you can check our our fuel efficient line up here.